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Three Easy Steps to Prep Your Vehicle for Winter

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Three Easy Steps to Prep Your Vehicle for Winter Living in Minnesota, the winter months seem to drag on longer every year. Getting the most out of the summer months is essential to surviving the great freeze that persists from November (really October) through April (really May). For some, beach bumming seven days a week is all it takes. For others, the barbeque is where they have their fun. You? You’re different, you need the thrill of revving up a Harley, or the wind blowing through your hair as you cruise the streets in your convertible. That’s where we come in, to help keep your babies safe once that first frost hits on Halloween weekend. Listed below are a few short steps to help keep your precious summer toys safe in one of our climate controlled-drive up storage units throughout the winter months: Check for leaks, make sure you have a drip pan or absorbent pad for the underside of your vehicle over the cold months (nobody likes a greasy floor) Make sure your gas tank is at ¼ of a tank or less, the smaller the amount of gasoline, the better! Double check for broken glass, rust that might flake off, and that all tires are properly inflated Pro Tip: Throw a brand new air freshener in there the day you park it in your unit for the winter, come spring it’ll have that new car smell all over again. Boom. That’s it! Now your vehicle is safe, and you have that second stall in your garage back. No more worrying about icicles crashing down on the hood of your ’68 Mustang, or knocking over the Harley in the corner of your garage reaching for your backup shovel after your primary shovel snapped under the weight of sixteen inches of snow in the last day and a half, or is it just me that does that? ...

Cole Luskey
July 13th, 2021