No Contact Move In:

Need to move into a storage unit but you want to take precautions due to COVID-19? We've got you covered! Follow these steps to move into Interstate Storage with no contact.

1. Select the size unit you would like on our Unit Pricing page.
2. Click on the "Move In" function button below the unit size and description.
3. After you click Move In, our rental center will pop up with your unit details and rental information. - PLEASE NOTE UNIT NUMBER. Here you MUST choose a insurance option through us starting at $9 a month / $2000 coverage. There is no deductable. If you have your own insurance policy that covers offsite storage, you can use it! However, we need to be listed as an additional interest on the policy. Listed as: Interstate Storage Lakeville 16345 Kenyon Ave, Lakeville MN 55044. Please email us a document showing this, so we can cancel our insurance. For more information visit our FAQs page.
4. Click the next button once you choose your insurance option. You will then create an online account and follow the prompts to fill out all of your information, as well as payment information.
5. You will sign the Rental Agreement online, as well as the insurance document.
6. A confirmation email will be sent once you finish. You may access the facility with your gate code you created. Please press # after entering the code.
7. Your lock will be placed inside your unit. We will email you once we have placed the lock in your unit. *Please note that we may only put your lock in your unit during business hours. Any move in after the end of business hours will have to wait to get a lock until the next business day.*